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Molior Build FAQs
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Molior can arrange an independent inspection (additional cost to the customer) and establish if the work is deemed suitable as per contract.

If this is the case then the contractor must be paid as prior agreed. If the work is substandard, then the contractor must change (at their own cost) until client is happy and payment and project can continue.

The details of the Molior contract should prevent anything like this happening as all stages of payment will have been pre-agreed.

In the case of non-payment you will have a legal document to take to a small claims court and this will be substantial evidence for the court to agree payment to you! Without this it could be a much different outcome.

Seek legal advice via a solicitor and remember to take your Molior contract with you. Your legally signed documents will be evidence for the court to agree your payment.

No less than 5 years. For the initial fee paid, Molior will keep safe all relevant documents for the first 5 years from the start of our partnership, and these will be available to you at any time during this period. An extension can be agreed following the first period.

£49.99 as a one off fee. This equates to less than 1 percent of a typical single storey extension costing £30,000

No as once you agree to use Molior you agree to the terms and conditions of the contract, but for extreme circumstances contact Molior and we will look at every case with utmost respect.

Yes. The contract that both parties agree to is a legally binding, and will support you in court in the event of a dispute.